5 Essential SEO Tips for Every Blogger

1. Look for the most relevant focus keywords.

Almost every search engine optimization guide begins with finding the best keyword. Settle for a
keyword that is highly searched, based on Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. You can also
familiarize yourself with long-tail keywords. It’s important to consider what you yourself will
search if you are looking for more details on your topic.

2. Take your time writing headlines.

No matter how much skill and experience you have as an online writer, writing headlines will
still take you plenty of time. Blog headlines must be attention grabbing, and at the same time be
rooted in the focus keyword. If you do it right, you will soon gain more clicks, and rank higher in
Google and other search engines.

3. Generate traffic.

Learning how to make a blog in Malaysia can be challenging most especially for blogging
newbies. There are tons of things to learn! One of the things you must focus on is generating
traffic, and strengthening your online presence. You can do this by leveraging on the power of
the social media world.

4. Focus on writing the first 100 words of your blog.

Treat your online article’s first 100 words like your blog headline. Make sure to include your
long-tail keyword or head term at least once. After the crawler recognizes the head term in the
slug, meta description and headline, you would want to introduce it to your content as early as
possible. Moreover, you need to use these first words to instantly capture the attention of your
audience. If you fail to captivate readers within your first 100words, your time on page and
bounce rate would suffer a lot.

5. Audit your blog every 3 to 6 months.

This is one of the most important things bloggers should do, but is often ignored. Auditing a blog
is more than just checking the traffic. It’s about monitoring your success, and mapping out the
journey over a specific period of time. Monitor your blog’s performance in order to achieve your
long-term goals.