For Future SEO Analysts: 5 Must-Have Skills

1. Content Marketing

In the online world, content will always be king. It is the thing that engages users, and encourages them to consume your content. If you are running your own online business and want to get people into your marketing funnel, you need to acquire strong content marketing skills.

Content marketing is further divided into two primary tasks–content distribution and content creation. You need to master skills such as finding content gaps and keyword research.

2. Technical SEO

Many bloggers and business owners refuse to learn technical SEO. Instead, they hire SEO consultants in Malaysia to do the work for them. However, if you want to be an amazing blogger, and at the same time a good SEO professional, you must understand the fundamentals of technical SEO. This includes sitemaps, server-side settings and server response codes.

3. Information and Usability Architecture

SEO analysts must value the significance of great website usability. This deals with how elements are placed on your web pages, and if the details you are providing are useful for people. Moreover, it evaluates how easy it is to navigate your website.

Studying information architecture is important because it tells you how to organize your web content, from labeling website elements to deciding on folder structures.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media doesn’t just revolve around Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. It is also about driving website traffic from social media channels. You need to learn several traffic generating techniques that can strengthen your SEO skills. Learn how to optimize YouTube videos, generate more Twitter followers, and create fan acquisition strategies.

5. Link Building

The opportunities to build links has tremendously increased. Right now, we are executing traditional methods of building links, through credible PR sites and association sites. These kinds of links are regarded as permanent links, having a much longer shelf life compared to temporal links from social media platforms. It’s crucial for you to learn this link building method, together with internal link optimization.