Skylights in Your Home

Are you thinking of incorporating skylights in your home design project?

Skylights can quickly improve the overall vibe of any home. It brings natural light to dark rooms, frame the views of clouds and sky, and highlight a specific space. In short, skylights can help you make a statement. Skylights make statement through the articulation of the surfaces and elements around them, and the way they are positioned in a specific space.

Depending on the renovation that you want in your home, you might need the assistance of a top architecture company in Malaysia. If you want, you can also put a skylight in your bathroom! It doesn’t need to be that big to make statement.

Have you been at the Skyhouse, Manhattan?

This breathtaking structure is the work of Ghislaine Viñas, an interior designer, and David Hotson, an architect. As you enter the building, you will be welcomed by an entry hall that is capped by a skylight. It even frames the neighboring skyscraper.

Just like any type of space, skylights are simple. Its power results from a position relative to their stairs. Generally, stairs are ideal for skylights. The light can filter down to much lower spaces. Meanwhile, an operable skylight can be utilized to vent warm air during the summer months.

Consider including a skylight over your kitchen design. Since its ceiling opening is a lot bigger compared to the skylight opening, the effect is even more pronounced. This makes even more sense in terms of making the most out of natural light.

Skylights can help improve the lighting in work surfaces, as well as several parts of the kitchen. Its location , relative to the ridge of the roof and the space under it, delivers centrality and balance to the space. Apart from the kitchen and receiving area, you can also incorporate a skylight to your home gym.