KL Girl

Things You Must Explore in KL

Chill on its Wonderful Cafes

Café-hopping is easy, of course, but that doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to eat your way through the best brunch joints of KL because they’re pretty good. Our reviews include VCR, Merchant’s Lane, Dotty’s Pastries & Tea, Breakfast Thieves, Birch, and Lokl, ranging from modern factory styles and rustic alcoves to homely patisseries and trendy rooms. You can enjoy these cafes alone or with a KL girl escort on the other side of the table.

Embrace the Country’s Art

The National Museum, the first stop. After all, that’s where you’ll get an outline of the country’s history and culture. Visit the Telekom Museum to work your way through the history of telecommunications if you’re more into niche interests, or the National Textile Museum to enjoy embroidery exhibits, batik sculptures, and traditional clothing. The Islamic Arts Museum also exhibits the beauty of Islamic art with artifacts, textiles, ceramics and jewelry displays.

Eat All You Want

KL is a food city, so here you’re not going to want to waste any calories. To hotspots like Jalan Alor, Taman Connaught, Tapak Urban Dining, Petaling Street Market, or even Hutong in Lot 10 market, only follow the savory aromas.

See the Whole City by Visiting Tall Towers

If you haven’t seen his iconic Petronas Twin Towers, would you tell you were at KL? You can take from the observation deck or skybridge in the city skyline at the top of the tallest twin towers in the world. However, for a better view, we recommend that you admire KL Tower’s iconic structure as it is such a magnificent sight to behold. But if heights aren’t your favorite, go to nearby Aquaria KLCC for some fun outdoor family playing with marine creatures or wandering around KLCC park.

Enjoy the City View While on the River-side

An hour’s drive from the capital, Kuala Selangor’s coastal village is renowned for its river-side firefly colony’s iconic twinkle. Take a boat out at night to Kampung Kuantan and bask in the glow among the mangrove trees to immerse yourself in the beauty of it all.

Climb the Batu Caves

The magnificent Batu Tunnels, a calcareous hill containing a maze of tunnels, are home to intricate Hindu shrines and temples that draw crowds during Thaipusam. Cathedral (or Temple) Cave is the closest–you’re going to have to ascend over 200 stairs next to the majestic position of Hindu god Murugan just to get there–so start your day early if you want to escape the crowds.

Shop ‘til You Drop

There are plenty of elegant and polished malls in KL, so if the shopaholic instincts demand to unleash, go to stores including Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens Mall, Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, Lot 10 Shopping Center, or Fahrenheit 88. Those on a budget should browse for Central Market stores, pop up with Pasar Lambak KL antique products night market, or wedge their way through the crowded Chow Kit Market past the wet market stalls, for clothes, accessories, textiles, and more.

Relax and Appreciate Nature

Green is good, and you just need a city break at times. KL Forest Eco Park, which houses a 200-meter canopy walk for you to stroll among the treetops, is one of the areas where you can be at one with nature. There’s also the Lake Gardens, the city’s best flora spot for a breath of fresh air. Further on, Bukit Tabur needs a day trip to walk the thrilling trail and take in the views of the Kluang Gate Reservoir and beyond the city skyline.