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Trends in the development of mobile apps for 2020

If you are a mobile app developer, you should know that you need to constantly move and be aware of new technologies to gain more customers and profits. So we’ve collected some trends and innovations for you to pay more attention while you’re implementing next year in your applications.

• Intelligence of the artificial.

Whatever the industry, using AI will assist you with large data sets, media, automation, and predictions.

• Intelligent devices for home use.

Such devices will not only become some fancy things to possess at home, but also the issue of the common comfort and safety of people living together. Smart home apps are going to spread more and we’re going to get more ideas like intelligent thermostats and smart lighting.

Advanced Mobile Applications.

PWA’s main advantage is the convenience it provides developers with. With no need to create multiple applications across various mobile platforms, seamless user experience.

Edge computing over cloud computing will prevail.

It will ensure that the online application can work independently. It means a storage device can filter and gather data and then send parts to the cloud. We are going to get less traffic in the network in this way.

Payment by mobile.

Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Blockchain Technology are now useful for creating web-based marketplaces and business applications because they allow consumers to gain experience in the checkout process.

Healthcare is developing more IoT skills.

It is expected that the amount of medical things on the internet will increase. Online health apps, virtual devices to test the health of the patient at home, smart devices of all sorts that can do everything remotely and with the same performance. Test MedVille • Reality Increased. AR brings the engagement to the user experience that makes fun and engaging even the simplest online service.

Search for voice.

The voice technology has brought a new dimension to the interaction of human computers. A voice has become a tool to search and buy products, manage smart devices and help people with disabilities use the internet.

Better analysis of data.

With the help of AI systems, in all possible spheres, we will be able to easily obtain trend information. Integration of IoT will be smarter and more self-learning.

Chatbots are used.

You can add this option by using a program with a defined number of scenarios instead of hiring many specialists to support your users online. If the question is beyond a chatbot’s knowledge–you can always send an application to a real person. Yet spending more time on simple conversations and FAQs is not required

Software as a service is becoming increasingly popular.

Many years ago, SaaS apps became popular and have continued to pop up since then. Several patterns make it possible to predict future market growth and success of Software-as – a-Service. For Business Software Application, particularly effective SaaS solutions are delivered via the cloud.

Promotion of omnichannels.

It means that all channels are connected and connected to the customer. This option has more to do with the quality of integration of services.

Managing energy and resources.

Automatic mobile alerts and other features that save the time and energy people need to solve problems

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