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Why Youtube is Important for Your Web Hosting Business

If you are thinking about setting up your web hosting company or just become a reseller or something, it is important that you also do a little bit of marketing.

Sure, you can make your own website and perhaps create your own social media page as a start, but there is something more that you can do for you to achieve amazing success.

What is that, you ask? Well, I encourage you to create a Youtube Channel. That’s right, and you might be thinking why creating your own channel in the most popular streaming platform could help you with your marketing efforts?

Well, according to Google, Youtube is the third most visited website in the world today, just next to Google and Facebook. That being said, Google has also announced that we are slowly moving to a period where video content is more important than just your usual blog posts.

Here are some other reasons why you definitely have to create your own Youtube Channel for your web hosting business:

Global Reach

Since you are going to run a web hosting business, you want to make sure that you can have a global audience and that is why Youtube is the perfect platform for you to do that.

Among the many countries in the world, the popular streaming platform has only been banned in 23 countries, meaning, you still have 100+ more that you can advertise to.

A Great Avenue for Promotion

As previously mentioned, video content will now be favored more than your traditional blog posts. That being said, you can create videos as a means of marketing and promotion and you will get far better results than writing lengthy articles.

Look, people go to Youtube for a lot of things and businesses are apt to create videos that can help them solve something.

Since you are going to run a web hosting business, you can create videos that state the reasons why you will need a competitive web hosting provider and the good thing for them is that you actually happen to provide such service.

Amazing Ad Implementation

There are many ad platforms out there that can help you promote your business, but why look elsewhere? Youtube has an amazing ad platform that allows you to post your ads and it will be shown on relevant content all over the website.

For instance, if people were to look at something that relates to web hosting, one of your ads may be posted and people will most likely click on it since Youtube is a legitimate website.

You Can Reach Everyone

Youtube used to be a platform that is enjoyed by millennials and younger people, but because of the advent of mobile technology, even the adults are enjoying the fun.

Grandparents, for example, can upload cute videos of their grandchildren, parents can upload a video of their sons or daughters’ graduation ceremony, among many others.

Since a lot of different people use the platform, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t market your business on Youtube.