Your Career Path After Finishing School

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Congratulations! You just graduated from school, after years of struggling to cope with different subjects you finally did it. Now, you need to start thinking about your next step. What do you want to do? What do you want to be? Remember graduating from school is not the end of your journey instead, this is the beginning of your journey. You are slowly becoming an adult and you are responsible for your life decision, so you have to make the right decision for yourself. Because every decision you make will have its consequences in your life later on. 

universiti yang menawarkan bidang perubatan


When decking what do you want to do after finishing school, it is important to discuss it with your parents, teachers, or your guidances. This is because they will give you the best advice and tips, after all, you are still under their supervision. So discuss well with them and if you have a different opinion then you should explain it to them in detail. 




Right after finishing school, most people will further their studies and this is the first step that you will do. Choosing a diploma in any course that is suitable for you and your qualification. This is where you need to carefully choose because this might be your career in the future. There are many universities offering different types of diploma courses. If you are interested in working in the medical field maybe you can apply atuniversiti yang menawarkan bidang perubatan’.  




If you want to enroll in the local universities for your Degree and you are still confused about what to choose for your diploma then, this program is suitable for you. Not only it is affordable, but it can help you to focus on what Degree you want to pursue in the future. It is also known to be a fast track compared to a diploma, matriculation only takes about 1-2 years and after you have graduated with flying colors you can pursue your study in a local university or overseas. 




A-Level is a pre-university that is acknowledged all through the United Kingdom education system. That is why, it can be considered expensive compared to the other 2, choosing this path will increase the chances for you to pursue your study at any international university after finishing your A-Level. This certification is being recognized all over the world, so your chances of getting a scholarship will also increase. 




This is not really the common path that most students will take, and also they are not many jobs that are suitable for students that just graduated from school.  However, if you are still searching for your interest and what suits you the most, maybe you can take a year off and try to explore different things to really know your interest and passion. You can do any small part-timing at a cafe or grocery while also looking for your interest in studying. 


All in all, it doesn’t matter what career path you are choosing as long as you are capable to do it. You are still young, so gain as much experience and knowledge you can. Good luck!